How To Access


How to access and enjoy Tafelmusik’s online concerts

Please use this guide to learn how to access, and best enjoy, your Tafelmusik online concert experience. Below are tips on accessing concerts, troubleshooting, and optimizing your experience.

Questions? Contact our Box Office at, where we are happy to help.

To purchase a ticket: making an account and logging in

Please note that making an acccount and logging in is only necessary to purchase the ticket. Logging in will not be required to access the concert: you will be able to access the concert directly from clicking a link in your confirmation email. 

If you have previously logged into our website to purchase tickets, you can log into your account here.

If you have not previously made an account, you can get set up by visiting our account creation page, and following the instructions. 

Accessing a concert or event online

Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be sent a confirmation email, which will contain a link to access the performance. You will also be sent a second reminder email prior to the performance, which will again contain a link to access. Simply find one of these emails, and click the link to watch the concert at the appropriate time.

Some of our events are held by Zoom Webinar. If this is the case, you don’t need to download anything: just click on the link to join the webinar at the appointed time. For more detailed information on Zoom webinars, please visit Zoom’s instruction page found here.

Having trouble finding your email? Contact our Box Office at, where we are happy to help.


If you have the link, but the stream will not load: Close and reopen your web browser. Open your email, with the link to access, and click on it. If the stream is still not loading, try clearing your website browser’s cache. Here are instructions for each common website browser:

If this has still not resolved the issue, your internet connection may be down: turn your computer off and back on, and reset your modem or router if possible (unplug, leave unplugged for 15 seconds, plug back in). If this does not resolve your issue, please contact your internet service provider for further

If the stream is working, but lagging, delaying, or audio and video are out of sync: Please refresh the stream, by clicking the circular arrow button next to your browser’s address bar, OR, by pressing CTRL + R (if Windows) or ⌘/Command + R (if Mac). Continue to refresh if and when you experience issues.

If you have no volume, or sound issues: Please turn up computer volume, ensure any external headphones or speakers connected are plugged in and turned on.

If sound is still an issue, check to see if the volume button on your YouTube stream (in lower left corner of video window) is muted (will display as a line cutting through the volume icon), or if volume on YouTube stream is turned up (can be toggled by clicking volume icon and sliding bar to top). You can also check it your browser tab is muted: right click on tab at top, which should state whether tab is muted.

Best practices for watching

While it is possible to watch our online performances on most devices that can connect to YouTube, whether this is a smartphone or a smart television, there are steps you can take to ensure you are getting the best experience possible. Here are Tafelmusik’s top tips for watching our programs online.

1.           Ensure a good audio experience. The most important element of a musical experience is the sound—and our computers, tablets, and cellphones’ built-in speakers do not always deliver.

When possible, Tafelmusik recommends connecting to a quality speaker set. If you have speakers, you can connect your device via an auxiliary cable; or, if you have more modern speakers, you might connect through a Bluetooth connection. If you are enjoying the concert solo, and do not have access to speakers, we also recommend using headphones to connect to the device on which you are watching.

2.           Ensure a good visual experience. Audio is paramount, but visuals are also a key component to an excellent concert experience. We recommend watching on as large a screen as possible.

If you are watching on a laptop, you may be able to connect your device to your television, via an HDMI cable, so that you can watch on a large screen. If you are watching on a smartphone, and have a smart television, you may be able to broadcast the feed to the television—for example, if you own an iPhone and an Apple TV, you can use screen-mirroring to broadcast the feed to your television.

If you do not have the technology to connect to a television, we recommend watching on a larger screened device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, versus a smart phone or tablet.

3.           Ensure a good internet connection. Nothing is more disappointing than missing moments due to a bad connection.

If you are on a WIFI connection, we recommend that you sit as close to your WIFI router as possible, to ensure a strong signal. 

When possible, if you are on a computer or laptop, we recommend hard-wiring into your modem via an Ethernet cable: this will ensure that you are getting the strongest connection, which will greatly reduce interruptions.

4.           Use a recommended browser. While all of our concerts will work on any standard internet browser—such as Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox, or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer—we recommend using Chrome, if possible, as it is the most compatible with YouTube. To download Chrome, visit this link, click on “Download Chrome”, and follow the instructions.

5.           Make it an event! Attending a live concert is a special experience—and there’s no reason that attending a digital event can’t be the same.

If you are watching at home, and other people are with you, invite your family, partner, or roommates to gather around your device and watch together as a group. You can dim your lights, get comfortable, silence your phone, and make it an experience.

Our concerts also feature a live chat option: you can sign in, and communicate with Tafelmusik and other viewers in real time. You can share what you’re feeling, thinking, and experiencing with others, all while watching the performance. 

For assistance during the concert:

If you have any questions before or during an online performance, you can reach out by phone at 1 (833) 964–6337 or by email to