Health and Safety

Keeping us all safe: COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy

Tafelmusik recognizes the management of health and safety is critical to the wellness of our employees, volunteers, contractors and visitors. We’re committed to creating and maintaining a safer workplace, complying with the Ontario Health and Safety Act and accompanying regulations, all applicable occupational health and safety legislation, and all other health and safety requirements or standards to which Tafelmusik subscribes.

Everyone at Tafelmusik—staff, musicians, volunteers, audience and visitors alike—has a role to play in keeping our environment safe and healthy.

This safety plan refers specifically to the protection and safety of employees, volunteers, contractors and visitors attending and working at events and performances at Jeanne Lamon Hall, Trinity St-Paul’s Centre at 427 Bloor Street West in Toronto. Tafelmusik musicians and staff have been provided with an additional policy to govern their work activities when not related to the public: you can read it here.

This safety plan is in effect to mitigate the risk of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) transmission in Tafelmusik-occupied spaces as required by the Ontario government.

All measures are in effect until further notice, and everyone is required to comply.

For purposes of this document, all protocols apply to all applicable areas of Trinity St-Paul’s United Centre, including Jeanne Lamon Hall, the lobby, hallways and washrooms, and spaces used for production and by Tafelmusik staff. When Tafelmusik activities take place at another venue, staff, musicians and guests will follow the safety plan of the host venue or company. The Tafelmusik Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) will review these safety plans and inform the public of any changes before they arrive.

This safety plan is designed with the goals of eliminating and reducing contacts when possible, and decreasing the risk when contacts are necessary. This document supports these goals by making clear Tafelmusik’s plan and communicating it to employees, volunteers, contractors and visitors of Tafelmusik.

Vaccination Requirements

In compliance with provincial mandates, Tafelmusik expects all visitors 12 and older to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Tafelmusik will require proof of vaccination for all visitors 12 and older. Entry will be denied to individuals 12 and older who cannot prove full vaccination status.


Tafelmusik will accept the Ontario Enhanced Vaccine Certificate when it becomes available. Until then, both pieces of the following documentation must be provided: 

  • Receipt of full COVID-19 vaccination issued by the public health authority that administered the vaccine. For visitors who received their vaccinations in Ontario, documents can be accessed at with an OHIP number.
  • Government issued ID (i.e. driver’s license, health card or passport) that matches the proof of full vaccination documentation.

You may provide a digital version (i.e. on your smartphone) or printed.

Acceptable Vaccinations

Tafelmusik will accept any combination of vaccines currently approved by the Province of Ontario, with the last dose having been administered at least 14 days prior to your visit. Please visit the website for more information.


Tafelmusik will accept document exemptions as outlined by the Province of Ontario. Please visit the website for more information. Children 11 and younger are not required to be vaccinated and do not need to show negative test results at this time, however children over the age of two (2) must remain masked.

Audience Safety Measures & Information for Live Concerts at Jeanne Lamon Hall

These measures are designed to keep us all safe when we perform at Jeanne Lamon Hall. Please read them carefully to make sure you understand and can follow these instructions. If you are bringing guests, please ensure they are aware of this information and prepared to comply.

All ticket holders are required to present proof of vaccination upon entry into the building. This may be an Ontario government-approved vaccine passport, or proof of vaccination accompanied by photo ID. Visitors are required to have received their second dose two weeks (14 days) before the event date. Any visitors who arrive without proof of vaccination will be denied entry

Proof of vaccination will be checked at both entrances to the building, and tickets will be scanned at the entrances to Jeanne Lamon Hall.

Visitors are encouraged to use the Eastern entrance if they are able, in order to reduce crowding. The fully accessible Western entrance is still available.

Visitors are required to wear a mask or face covering at all times while in the building, only to be briefly displaced for drinking water. If you arrive without a mask, one will be provided for you.

Visitors must keep a 2m (6ft) distance from other guests. Floor markers are provided to assist with this, and seats not in use for physical distancing purposes are clearly marked in the hall.

No food or beverage is permitted except water. While there are drinking fountains inside the building, visitors are strongly encouraged to bring their own reusable containers.

Performances will be limited to a single act, there will be no in-person pre-concert chats, no intermissions, and concessions will not be open in order to prevent congregating indoors.

Arrival times will be designated for visitors at the time of ticketing to prevent congregating outside the building or indoors. Jeanne Lamon Hall will be open to guests 45 minutes before a performance to allow for spacing between groups at entry.

Late arrivals will not be seated if they arrive more than 15 minutes after the performance start time, or may be seated only at the discretion of the Front of House Manager.

Coat closets will not be available for use, and visitors are asked to keep their belongings with them at all times.

Tickets must be purchased a minimum of one (1) hour prior to showtime and our refund policy has been updated to permit last-minute cancellations. Please note that ticket donations are available if guests are unable to attend by contacting the Box Office and before the beginning of a performance.

Visitors must sit only in their assigned seats. If a seat move request needs to be made, guests must draw the attention of an usher for assistance.

All non-essential backstage access has been restricted. No visitors are permitted backstage.

The indoor gathering limit will be established and adjusted based on public health requirements.

If you have an immediate health and safety concern while you are present, please draw the attention of a Tafelmusik staff member for assistance

Communication to Prevent COVID-19 Exposure

Visitor Communication

In order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and to help keep visitors, employees, musicians, contractors and volunteers safe, the Audience Services Department will ensure that:

  • Any notices required by public health or other government regulations are printed and posted visibly, as well as available on the Tafelmusik website (
  • This policy as well as relevant regulations are available throughout the ticketing process; accessible in all customer service emails and communications; and available online by QR code on signage at Trinity St-Paul’s Centre
  • Onsite screening and signage will be in place following current rules and regulations set out by the Ontario Government and Toronto Public Health
  • Tafelmusik employees will regularly review our social media and voicemail, the posting of this policy on the website, and will ensure information is updated in order to inform visitors we are working safely and advise them of any changes or updates
  • When visitors arrive for a performance or event, they will be reminded by Tafelmusik employees to keep their mask on for the entire performance and instructed to follow the live performance safety guidelines outlined below.

Submitting Feedback

It’s important to us that visitors read and understand this policy and have a path to share their thoughts and concerns. Regular follow-up and evaluation are essential to ensure the effectiveness of all precautionary practices and protocols. If you have concerns or feedback about this policy and its protocols, and their effective implementation, please contact Tafelmusik:

By email:

By phone: 1 (833) 964-6337

All concerns will be brought to the Joint Health and Safety Committee for review.  

Communication with Tafelmusik employees, musicians and volunteers.

Tafelmusik’s Joint Health and Safety Committee meets on a regular basis to review all safety policies and concerns. The committee is comprised of workers, managers, executive and musician representatives. The internal policy is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, according to current needs and public health guidelines, and communicated with staff when amended and for regular review.

Communication with contractors and work-related visitors

Whenever contractor or work-related visitor is onsite, the member of Tafelmusik staff who has arranged for them to be onsite will inform them of the COVID-19 precautions and requirements by sending them this document, and ensure they are in compliance with the Tafelmusik vaccination policy before arrival. Additional onsite training will be done, depending on the activity.

Box Office Considerations

The Box Office is accessible to the general public via telephone, e-mail or online contact only.

Public visits must be arranged in advance and by appointment. Protocols outlined below will be in effect until in-person interactions resume.

To reach the Box Office, please call or email:

By Phone: 1 (833) 964-6337 or (416) 964-6337

By Email:

Wherever possible, Box Office interactions with patrons and members of the public (tickets, merchandise) should be limited to telephone, e-mail or online contact, and technology (e-mail, scans) should be used to send and receive paperwork. Tickets are available in mobile and print-at-home format. Printed tickets are also available, but it is strongly recommended that visitors select either of the non-contact options at the time of purchase.

The Box Office will be open for service a minimum of two (2) hours before a live performance. Please call ahead to arrange a time to come to the Box Office if you wish to pick up your tickets or make other arrangements.

Stanchions and/or floormarkings to indicate proper queuing space will be deployed on the visitor side of the Box Office window, to direct traffic flow and to indicate the proper physical distance from employees and other visitors.

Musicians should refrain from making in-person inquiries at the Box Office to avoid potential community transmission via visitors. During rehearsal breaks, musicians should maintain appropriate physical distancing (at minimum) with employees and visitors at the Box Office window

Each in-person interaction must be entered into the Box Office Visitors’ Log for contact tracing purposes. The patron’s full name, home and/or cell number, date of visit and time in/out are required information.

Visitor-use only hand sanitizer will be provided at the Box Office window. Visitors are encouraged to sanitize their hands prior to interacting with employees and volunteers.

Employees must apply hand sanitizer after each in-person interaction.

Appropriate physical distancing2m (6ft)must be observed at all times. Should two (2) or more non-related visitors approach the Box Office window at the same time, the visitors should be respectfully encouraged to maintain appropriate physical distancing between themselves.

Contact interactions (e.g. handshakes, hugs) are not permitted.

Employees, musicians, contractors, volunteers and visitors must wear a protective face mask throughout any in-person interaction. Not everyone is able to wear a mask due to certain medical, mental health or cognitive conditions. It is important to be respectful, and consider offering alternative services (e.g. online, telephone).

Handling of cash shall be minimal or eliminated. Contactless payment options (i.e. tap, credit, debit and e-transfer) are strongly encouraged. When handling cash, disposable gloves must be worn.

Point of Sale (POS) terminals are assigned to one (1) employee where possible, and will be sanitized between each user and before and after each shift. If employees need to share a POS terminal, they will thoroughly wash or sanitize their hands after each use. If the POS terminal requires a signature or PIN number, a disposable wooden stylus will be provided for a touchless transaction.

Documents or merchandise should be placed on the counter, then employees must step back to maintain physical distancing as the visitor retrieves the item.

Sharing of office supplies (pens, paper, etc.) is not permitted. Visitors are encouraged to use their own pen as required. If sharing is unavoidable, disinfectant wipes will be used to clean pens after each use.

All high-touch Box Office surfaces including, but not limited to glass partition or clear protective barrier, counter surfaces, POS terminals, cash drawer, hand sanitizer containers, keyboards and glass door touch points must be cleaned with anti-viral disinfecting wipes (or similar) after each in-person interaction, and two times per day in general. See “High-Touch Items” for further instructions.

Response Protocol for a Potential Case/Suspected Exposure

Reporting COVID-19 Symptoms and/or Possible Exposure to COVID-19

NOTE: In all of the cases outlined below, Tafelmusik will document the circumstances to help with contract tracing, as applicable.

Personal Symptoms and/or Exposure

If you exhibit known symptoms of COVID-19 or may have been exposed to COVID-19, do not attend a performance or enter the building. Please contact the Box Office to arrange a ticket donation or refund where applicable.

Addressing Possible Symptoms and/or Exposure

If you are concerned that an employee, volunteer, contractor, musician and/or visitor may be exhibiting known symptoms of COVID-19, or may have been exposed to COVID-19, these concerns should be raised immediately with a Tafelmusik employee.  

Symptoms and/or Exposure during the Work Day

If an employee, contractor, volunteer and/or musician exhibits known symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival at work, or becomes sick during the day, they must immediately separate themselves from others and return home.

If they cannot leave immediately, they should go directly to a designated isolation area until they are able to leave. Ensure that the Executive Director has been notified so that they may alert others who may have been exposed. Disinfect surfaces that may have been touched by the ill employee, contractor, volunteer and/or musician as soon aspossible.

If the employee, contractor, volunteer and/or musician is very ill (i.e. difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement), 911 will be called and the operator will be advised that the person may have COVID-19.

If a COVID-19 Case is Confirmed at Tafelmusik

At a Performance: 

If Tafelmusik becomes aware of a confirmed diagnosis of an employee, contractor, volunteer and/or musician of COVID-19, who was present at a live performance, Tafelmusik will:

  • Notify Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600 for guidance on next steps. Note that for many public health units, it is illegal to provide the diagnosed person’s name or other information that could be used to determine their identity
  • Determine which Tafelmusik spaces were visited, used, or impacted by the diagnosed person
  • Work with Toronto Public Health to determine who may have had close contact with the diagnosed person
  • Communicate by email with any possibly affected parties, including visitors, and inform them of a possible exposure
  • Work closely with the Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Audience Services Department to determine when rehearsals, filming and/or performances may safely resume

Staff and Performers:

If an employee, contractor, volunteer and/or musician is diagnosed with COVID-19 in the workplace but when there is no risk of exposure to the audience or public, Tafelmusik will:

  • Notify Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600 for guidance on next steps. Note that for many public health units, it is illegal to provide the diagnosed person’s name or other information that could be used to determine their identity
  • Determine which Tafelmusik spaces were visited, used, or impacted by the diagnosed person
  • Assess whether the diagnosed person’s role put them within 2m (6ft) of other employees, contractors, volunteers and/or musicians, including whether their duties and/or activities create specific transmission risks, such as use of high-touch items, etc
  • Work with Toronto Public Health to determine which other employees, contractors, volunteers and/or musicians had close contact with the diagnosed person
  • Work closely with the Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Audience Services Department to determine whether rehearsals, filming and/or performances can safely resume

Consequences of a COVID-19 Diagnosis

Tafelmusik maybe required by Toronto Public Health and/or the Occupational Health and Safety Act to:

  • Notify and send home any person who may have been exposed for a minimum of fourteen (14)  days. Anyone potentially exposed must self-isolate, self-monitor and report any COVID-19-like symptoms (even if mild) to the Executive Director, and follow the steps outlined in Appendix A
  • Shut down all work spaces while the impacted area(s) and equipment are fully disinfected

Notice of a COVID-19 Diagnosis

If the Executive Director is advised that an employee, contractor, volunteer and/or musician has tested positive for COVID-19 due to exposure at Tafelmusik, notice in writing must be given in within four (4) days to:

  • Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
  • Tafelmusik’s Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Toronto Musicians’ Association (if a musician)

Return to Work after COVID-19 Symptoms or Diagnosis

An employee, contractor, volunteer and/or musician who has exhibited known symptoms of COVID-19 may return to work only after:

  • Self-isolating for a minimum of 14 days since their first symptoms or a positive test
  • Receiving medical authorization, in writing

Cleaning and Disinfecting:


The Tafelmusik Administrative Offices, Box Office, and all areas accessible to the public will receive a deep, disinfecting cleaning on a regular and increased basis.

Commonly used cleaning products, disinfectants and disinfectant wipes are effective against COVID-19. Tafelmusik will maintain a good supply of these items, including cleaners and disinfectants with a Drug Identification Number (DIN), a Health Canada number that confirms it is approved for use in Canada.

Trinity St-Paul’s Centre & Jeanne Lamon Hall

Trinity St-Paul’s Centre employees will ensure that all areas accessible to the public are deep cleaned before and after each performance or event, in addition to a regular and increased basis.

This cleaning will include the sanitization of all high-touch surfaces.