Frequently Asked Questions


Why were the Fall shows changed?

Tafelmusik places the safety of its staff, performers, and audience above all else. At this time, we do not feel we can host a live audience with safety assured. We have tried to retain the essence of our originally planned concerts, although some updates were necessary due to safety precautions.

Are there changes to concerts after Messiah?

In order to make commitments we’re sure we can meet, we are addressing 2020/21 on a trimestral basis. That way, we can be sure to provide the best, and safest, experience to our audience. Announcements about our Winter season will be made in November 2020.

What about my 2020/21 subscription? Why should I stay involved this season?

Tafelmusik has reimagined the Fall season, and has dreamed up a different way of continuing our relationship with subscribers, including many wonderful concerts and benefits.

Your continued involvement is crucial to Tafelmusik’s survival this year and into the future. Patrons who participate will also be supporting the welfare of our artists and staff, and ensuring wider community access to the comfort of music in these deeply unsettling times.

2020/21 subscribers will be contacted by Tafelmusik staff by phone and email to make specific arrangements. For more information, please see our subscription page

What are the digital concerts going to be like?

Our orchestra and choir will continue to meet the standard of excellence for which we are known, even in this exciting new format. Detailed instructions on How to Access are available here. Some concerts will be pre-recorded, and others will be live-streamed, but all will contain the beautiful music of baroque and beyond.

When will it be safe to see concerts live?

Tafelmusik does not plan to perform live until January of 2021 at the earliest, and only when it is deemed safe to do so by public health regulatory bodies. When the time comes for us to return to the stage with a live audience, please know that your health and safety will be our top priority.

How will I be notified of my online concerts?

You will receive a confirmation via email with your concert details when the Box Office processes your order. In addition, you will receive a concert reminder the week before your performance, as well as the day before, outlining key information.

Can I still buy single tickets instead?

You are welcome to purchase single tickets when they are available. Single tickets to concerts and events will be on sale 3 weeks prior to the performance date. As always, subscribing is the only way to secure the best price off single ticket prices. We hope you’ll decide to stay with us as a subscriber through this challenging time, and enjoy the many benefits within your subscription.

How are the musicians doing?

Practicing their instruments, while practising physical distancing.

Will Tafelmusik survive this?

At a time when many arts organizations have been forced to cancel their seasons, we are pleased to renew Tafelmusik’s commitment to bringing the community comfort and joy through music. However, it is far from business as usual within our organisation. Layoffs, reduced work schedules, and other sacrifices have been made by artists and staff alike so that we may remain stable for the next twelve months.

Patrons who participate during this crucial season will be supporting the welfare of our artists and staff, ensure wider community access to the comfort of music in these deeply unsettling times, and help to ensure Tafelmusik’s survival into the future.