Enhance Your Experience: Baroque & Tafelmusik: What to Expect
A man giving a standing ovation in a crowd in the balcony of Jeanne Lamon Hall

What to Expect

Are you new to classical music events in Toronto and online? Not sure what to expect from a baroque orchestra? Or how to enjoy our music online? This guide — a 101 to experiencing baroque music, with Tafelmusik and beyond — will explain what you need to know.

Baroque 101 for first-timers

What is baroque music? details

What makes Tafelmusik different from a large symphony orchestra? details

Where does Tafelmusik perform? details

How can I learn more about baroque music and Tafelmusik? details

Digital concert hall questions

What do I need to know about your digital concerts? details

How can I purchase tickets? details

How do I get my tickets? details

How long can I watch a concert for? details

What happens if I join the concert after it starts? details

What if my internet goes down during a concert or the technology doesn’t work? details

How do I know which pieces are being played? details

How do I get a program? details

What is the length of a typical Tafelmusik performance? details

Is there an intermission? details

When will you start performing for a live audience again? details

Support and donation questions

I love Tafelmusik – can I help out more? details

When can I expect my tax receipt? details

General questions

Who do I ask if I have a question about the concert, the music, or the instruments? details

I want to give the gift of baroque music. Can I buy a gift card? details

Why am I not receiving your emails? details

How can I buy a CD? details

I heard you’re re-releasing your album of the music of Joseph Bologne. Why? details