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Four Seasons Mosaic: A Preview

March 6-12 2014, Tafelmusik presented the Four Seasons: A Cycle of the Sun, a concert designed by Alison Mackay. Tafelmusik's virtuoso violinists performed Vivaldi's Spring, Summer, and Fall concertos, and Wen Zhao (Chinese pipa), Aruna Narayan Kalle (Indian sarangi), and Aqsarniit (Inuit throat singers) brought to the stage seasonal music from other traditions. The grand finale was Winter by Mychael Danna, the Oscar-winning Canadian composer who recently scored Life of Pi

Excerpt of The Four Seasons Mosaic documentary is courtesy of Media Headquarters.


Vivaldi, Mychael Danna

Conductors & Soloists: 

Jeanne Lamon, Music Director
Chinese pipa: Wen Zhao
Indian sarangi: Aruna Narayan
Inuit throat singers: Sylvia Cloutier and June Shappa (Aqsarniit)