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Excerpt from Tales of Two Cities: The Leipzig-Damascus Coffee House

Feb 21-24, 2019
Koerner Hall, TELUS Centre

"Leaving her father's home (traditional) / Ritornellow from Concerto TWV (Telemann)

Conceived, scripted and programmed by Alison Mackay
Maryem Tollar, Narrator & Vocalist
Alon Nashman, Narrator

Welcome to Tafelmusik Orchestra’s celebration of music and culture in the eighteenth century! 
The cities of Leipzig and Damascus both lay at the crossroads of ancient trading routes. They were both important centres of scholarship and the dissemination of ideas. And they were both famous for their coffee houses, where music was performed by the most brilliant musicians of the day. This concert, originally performed in Toronto and created by Alison Mackay, presents baroque music works by Bach, Telemann, and Handel, as well as treasures of classical Arabic music as they might have been enjoyed by coffee drinkers of the past. In our cross-cultural café, music, words, and images are used to explore the ways in which people separated by great distances are bound together by trade, ideas, and art. 
In this short video, please enjoy an excerpt from the concert, originally performed in Toronto.