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AÏGA-FAROS, Concerto for flute, violin & harpsichord

This new piece composed by Grégoire Jeay was presented for the first time during Tafelmusik's Intimately Bach programme on Jan 29-Feb 2, 2014. 
Grégoire Jeay, flute
Jeanne Lamon, Julia Wedman, Pat Jordan & Cristina Zacharias, violin
Charlotte Nediger, harpsichord
Christina Mahler, violoncello
Alison Mackay, double bass
Notes by Grégoire Jeay
Aïga-Faros: “Water and fire” in Occitan, the language of my roots. The internal mood, the succession of life events, nature submitting to changes that are sometimes abrupt, sometimes gradual, according to the strength of the force applied. The two extremes coexist within the core of a person or of a society, or even in the diverse cosmologies that explain the world — and are reflected in the artistic gesture of many works. Rather than opposing them, this one-movement piece is a journey through several states that are contrasting in their essence, but are inherently interdependent in order to achieve equilibrium.
The violin is often associated with fire, and the flute is used by Bach in flowing patterns evoking water. Here the violin, flute, and harpsichord are alternately water or fire. A triple concerto offers the opportunity to enhance the three voices with their own idioms. However, there is no question here of a pastiche of a baroque concerto.
We can observe when comparing baroque, Arabic, and Slavic music, that certain intervals and certain significant notes, as situated in the harmony, have a particular effect when heard, and as such are, in a sense, universal. The theme, imbued with the colours of traditional Eastern music, reminds us that at the root of the works of many composers is their folklore.
Grégoire Jeay has composed several soundtracks and has provided music for live visual art performances, and for circuses in both Europe and China. He has also written a theatre piece for youth (Le Visiteur, with Les Jeunesses Musicales du Canada), the theme of which is the discovery of baroque music. Among his soundtracks are those written for the television series Mystical Women of the Middle Ages, from which two CDs have been produced: Musica Mystica 1 & 2. For concert stages Grégoire has composed many works for flute, as well as for various ensembles, notably La Mandragore. He often works with synthesizers and computers, and in 2008 released a CD of his electronic music, titled Oniris.


Grégoire Jeay

Conductors & Soloists: 

Grégoire Jeay, flute
Julia Wedman, violin
Charlotte Nediger, harpsichord