Haydn, Paris Symphonies, Sinfonia no. 41 in D major, Allegro con spirito (audio excerpt)

Paris Symphonies, Hob. 1:82-87

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“Born to play Haydn … Bruno Weil and Tafelmusik perform all six “Paris” Symphonies with galvanic verve, élan and tangible joy at revealing anew that jubilance and mastery which astounded Haydn’s Parisian patrons during the 1780s.”
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What do modern scholars of Joseph Haydn have to say about the Paris Symphonies? Robbins Landon calls them "a remarkable fusion of brilliance, elegance, and warmth."  Charles Rosen writes, "There is not a measure, even the most serious, of these great works which is not marked by Haydn's wit; and his wit has now grown so powerful and so efficient that it has become a sort of passion, a force at once omnivorous and creative.” Parisian audiences loved the works of the Austrian Haydn, and were thrilled when the Comte d'Ogny commissioned a set of six symphonies for performance by the finest orchestra in Paris at Le Concert de la Loge Olympique. Fortunately in our time, this re-release of the Paris Symphonies also has a superb group of the finest musicians in JEANNE LAMON and the TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA.  CD 1 includes Symphonies  No. 82 in C major, L’Ours (“The Bear” 1786), No. 83 in G minor, La Poule (“The Hen” 1785) and No. 84 in E flat major, In Nomine Domini (1786). CD 2 includes Symphonies No. 85 in B flat major, La Reine (“The Queen” 1785), No. 86 in D major (1786), and No. 87 in A major (1785).

Cannes Classical Music Award Winner, 1995




Bruno Weil, Conductor


Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Paris Symphonies

CD 1

  • Symphony in C major, Hob. 1: 82 “The Bear”
  • Symphony in G minor, Hob 1: 83 “The Hen”
  • Symphony in E-flat major, Hob. 1: 84

CD 2

  • Symphony in B-flat major, Hob. 1: 85 “The Queen”
  • Symphony in D major, Hob. 1: 86
  • Symphony in A Major, Hob. 1:87

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Tafelmusik Media

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Originally recorded by Sony Classical in 1994


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