A Rock Star Greeting - Western Canada Tour, November 23, 2012

Nov 24, 2012

A Rock Star Greeting - Western Canada Tour, November 23, 2012

Aisslinn Nosky, violin


On day one of our western Canada tour we played in Vancouver. I am always excited to be touring with Tafelmusik, but our trips which include B.C. fill me with a heightened sense of excitement because as well as turning new audiences on to our performances, I get to re-connect  with family and old friends because I grew up in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.
Today was an extra heavy work day for everyone because it is the first performance of this tour. The Galileo Project is a very complicated show to mount and our fabulous crew has been working for hours to install the set at the Kay Meek Centre before the orchestra even arrives. The orchestra has its dress rehearsal in the afternoon where we run through the entire show...the last time we played this concert was almost half a year ago and there are so many details that we all need to remember which make rehearsals very concentrated. 
All day as we are working through the show musically I have the sensation that I am saying hello to a kind of "musical old friend". We have played this programme together all over the world (I have lost count) and it's almost as though this programme has become a dearly loved person in my life and as I look around the stage watching my colleagues enjoy themselves in the music I realize how much I have missed this person!
After a very thorough run through, we had a few hours for dinner. Our hosts at Early Music Vancouver provided us with a sushi dinner fit for a king which we all tucked in to with abandon. And then it was time to bring our "old friend" to life for the full house in Vancouver. 8 o'clock was definitely feeling like 11 o'clock to us when we walked out on stage but, as always, once we started up the tiredness melted away and I was carried off in the experience of performing.
The audience reception was extremely enthusiastic and when I was in the lobby afterwards talking to people I received a lot of amazing feedback about the show. "The lute is like rock and roll guitar but BETTER!!!" said two heavily made up teenage girls. "You guys made me want to play an instrument so badly! I have never, ever felt that way in my life because I think it must be too hard. You made it seem so fun!". "I can't believe how amazing this orchestra is...it's not even an orchestra...it's a bunch of soloists all on stage at the same time".
Lucas Harris, lutenist
Lucas Harris, lute
I could not agree with this last comment more. There are so many reasons that The Galileo Project has been successful, but I am convinced that one of the reasons is because every single person contributes in different roles at different times. Solo, tutti, tutti, solo ...supporting each other and stepping out of the texture briefly only to literally "step back" for the next person to take a solo. It is extremely uncommon to have the opportunity to play all those roles in one orchestral concert and I know I am not the only one who finds it wonderfully rewarding.
And now, after a thrilling start to the tour I am going to get as much rest as I can because tomorrow we head to Vancouver Island. Friends and family and great performances to come!
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