Ontario Tour - May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012

Ontario Tour - May 31, 2012

Stephanie Miletic (Tour Manager)

We are enroute to Parry Sound at the moment and I have some time on the bus to reflect on the fabulous day we had yesterday. We arrived in Mindemoya and immediately were ushered in for lunch. The Mindemoya Missionary Church staff prepared a great lunch and we even had rhubarb crumble for dessert with rhubarb that was picked that morning!

We had 160 students from the school across the road attend the concert and they were such avid listeners! Since the church was newly renovated, the students had to remove their shoes before entering the sanctuary!

Students must take off their shoes!

After the school concert we had some rest time and a few of us explored the town. We found an organic grocery/tea shop that a woman runs out of her home. She grows and prepares the tea right there so we had to each buy a cup!

Dinner was provided again by the church and many of us agree that it was the best tour dinner we have ever had.

Freshly caught Mindemoya Trout!

The rainbow trout was freshly caught in Mindemoya and the fiddleheads were picked by a few of the children that belong to the church!

The town of Mindemoya has a population of approximately 400 people and last night, 240 people came to the concert! As I mentioned before, the church is newly renovated so it was a treat to be one of the first groups to perform there.

Mindemoya Missionary Church

We quickly packed up and on the way out, we received snack packs for the trip to our hotel. They certainly know how to make us feel welcome!

Bravo on all accounts to Holly Scott, Dorothy Anstice and the town of Mindemoya! We hope to come back soon!



Again it was a pleasure to hear our expert musical talents and to prepare dinner for your wonderful group

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