Ontario Tour - Apr 28, 2012

Apr 28, 2012

Ontario Tour - Apr 28, 2012

Stephanie Miletic (Operations Manager)

Our last day in Sudbury was packed full with a variety of activities. Christopher Verrette and I headed to Laurentian University for a 9am masterclass with violin and viola students. En route, we found Sudbury’s only independent coffee shop, Old Rock Coffee Roasting Company, which provided the necessary caffeine to start the day! Students from Laurentian and members of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass lead by Chris.




Christopher Verrette with student

I was off to the CNIB Auditorium next to setup for the Pay-What-You-Can concert. I was pleased to find many signs for the concert peppered around the building.

Poster for Sudbury concert

I swung by the hotel to pick up the musicians and our next activity was our final education concert at Queen Elizabeth Public School. The students were very excited about the concert and keen to learn about the instruments and music. Our favourite student question was “How old is money?” after Julie put the baroque period into context with such landmark inventions as the light bulb, bicycles, and the iPod. We loved the energy and the inquisitive nature of the students at Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth School

Our last activity of the day was the Pay-What-You-Can concert hosted by the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra. The concert was fabulous and the audience was extremely attentive and appreciative of the music and the musicians. My favourite moment of the concert was when the trio played the Ciaconna by Maurizio Cazzati and the entire audience was invited to sing along!

Pay-What-You-Can Concert


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