Ontario Tour - Apr 26, 2012

Apr 26, 2012

Ontario Tour - Apr 26, 2012

Stephanie Miletic (Operations Manager)

My name is Stephanie Miletic and I am the Operations Manager at Tafelmusik. My daily duties consist of organizing the production details for concerts, and for the past two years I have organized the Ontario Tours. Hailing from St. Mary's Ontario, population of 6 700, it brings me such joy to organize tours that enrich smaller Ontario schools, towns and cities. The Ontario Tour this year is broken into two parts: the first part, that started yesterday, consists of a chamber group of three musicians, while the second involves the entire orchestra and is at the end of May.

The three musicians on this tour are Charlotte Nediger, harpsichord, Christopher Verrette, violin and Julia Wedman, violin. A harpsichord, as many of you know, is quite large (typically seven feet long). However for this tour, we are all able to fit in one mini-van (driven by me) because we are using the Tafelmusik spinet which is considerably shorter in length. Spinets are a type harpsichord that are smaller and would have been played in sitting or parlour rooms. Tafelmusik is very lucky to receive the instrument built by Montreal harpsichord builder Yves Beaupré. The instrument was generously donated to Tafelmusik and is pictured below:

Spinet by Montreal Harpsichord maker Yves Beaupré

As you can see, the harpsichord is a very funny shape, so we had to test to see if the instrument fit in the van with three passengers and driver before taking it on tour. A few weeks ago, we rented the same van and drove to Charlotte’s house where the harpsichord had been temporarily living. We discovered the instrument fit perfectly without an inch to spare, but since the legs are built in the style of Louis XV and are funnily shaped, we had to take two off to fit in the van.

We began the tour early this morning with one mini-van, 3 musicians, 1 driver/tour manager (me), luggage, and the spinet. Our school concert today was in Burk’s Falls, population of 1000 people. We arrived at the school and were greeted with a wonderful welcoming sign:

A very nice welcome sign!

The entire school of 200 students came to the concert and they were attentive and very enthusiastic. At the end of the performance, Charlotte invited students to try the harpsichord:

Charlotte with students


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