Moose Warning - Ontario mini-Tour, March 27, 2013

Mar 28, 2013

Moose Warning - Ontario mini-Tour, March 27, 2013

Stephanie Miletic, Tour Manager

Day 2
Everyone we have spoken to in Timmins is overjoyed that we are here. According to many here, the opportunities for students to experience live music in schools and have masterclasses are few and far between. I definitely take it for granted living in Toronto!  The other thing I take for granted is the amazing colleagues that I work with everyday. The musicians are so engaging and the students were moved and captivated by the performances. I wish the Toronto audience and the rest of the orchestra could see this interesting, fun and educational concert. Here are three students dressed up as a duchess, Handel himself and the captain of Handel’s Water Music boat.

Dress up time!
The students were extremely attentive and had many questions for the trio after the performances.

The other interesting thing is that many people in Timmins speak French. I was amazed at the students who spoke French and English fluently. We bantered a bit back and forth but I was quickly outwitted by the grade 3 student. On the way back to home base (Timmins), I was reminded of the beautiful country that we live in. I have never been to Timmins, and Tafelmusik hasn’t been here since 1981. The sun was so bright and warm amid the piles of snow. We passed signs for traditional French Canadian food, Eco-walks, Polar bear encounters and avoided sections where there were moose alert signs:

Moose warning!
After cruising downtown Timmins for options, we’re off to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Tomorrow is  our last day on tour and we are headed to Iroquois Falls.

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