Lumberjacks and Sushi - Ontario Mini-Tour, March 28, 2013

Mar 28, 2013

Lumberjacks and Sushi - Ontario Mini-Tour, March 28, 2013

Stephanie Miletic, Tour Manager


Day 3
After checking out a few restaurants in town we decided to go for sushi on Tuesday night. Osaka sushi turned into our go to spot for dinner and take-out:

Osaka Sushi
The restaurant was a fusion of Thai, Chinese, and Japanese and we were convinced by the headwaiter to order all you can eat. Interestingly enough, we had to be careful how much we ordered because they would charge us for any leftovers to avoid food going to waste. After trying sushi pizza we walked back to the hotel and watched part of a pool table tournament that was taking place.
We had been lucky in Timmins so far to avoid any poor weather but Day 3 started with snowfall. To combat my weather blues I went to Christopher’s coffee shop for a latté:

Christopher's - best darn coffee shop
Margaret had found Christopher’s on Monday and according to locals, it is the place to go for coffee besides McDonalds and Tim Hortons. We’ve been using a GPS with a mind of its own so we headed down the back roads to Iroquois Falls. After many dirt roads, potholes and twist and turns we arrived in Iroquois Falls which has a population of 5500 and a giant lumberjack nicknamed The Storyteller: 
Guy-Paul Treefall — nicknamed The Storyteller or in French, Le Raconteur
We visited two schools and were treated to homemade clam chowder soup for lunch. Again, the students and teachers were so thankful to have us come to their schools. It was a treat to see grade 8 boys dancing to Handel’s Water Music at our last performance. We turned our tour van back to Timmins and headed to the airport for our final trip home to Toronto. 
I want to give special thanks to the musicians for such wonderful school concerts and to Matthew Jones, conductor of the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, who lent us his cello and music stands and also organized the masterclasses with members of the Timmins Symphony Orchestra. 
And special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their support of this amazing tour.
Good-bye and hope to see you soon Antonio Vivaldi!

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