The Joys of Bus Travel - Penn State Tour, 2013, April 18

Apr 18, 2013

The Joys of Bus Travel - Penn State Tour, 2013, April 18

Patricia Ahern, violin

We had another beautiful day to explore this thriving college town. The spring weather pushed everyone outdoors, and we had some sunburnt faces to prove it!

While the core orchestra was enjoying the day, the extra musicians coming from Toronto were having the worst travel day ever! The bus was late picking them up in Toronto on Wednesday morning, and then they had to wait for more than three hours at  the US border due to bus insurance problems, most of the time sitting on the idling bus. Unfortunately, many of the music parts were also on the bus, so many of the core players who were ready to play were without music. So, here we were in the pit at Eisenhower Auditorium for the 7pm dress rehearsal, and we were missing a few wind players, the entire cello section, trumpets, along with my entire section of 2nd violinists (I'm playing principal 2nd violin for Magic Flute, but never expected to rehearse without my colleagues!) We then downloaded the overture from the internet and decided to start. 

Luckily, Aisslinn had called her friend Guy Fishman, a fantastic cellist from Boston who was in town playing another concert. He was generous enough to come to the rehearsal and play the cello part, as well as call Professor Rob Nairn at Penn State to secure the missing music parts. The bus finally arrived at 8pm with our weary musicians after their 12-hour ordeal, and we sat down to run a complete dress rehearsal of Magic Flute. Our conductor David Fallis handled the entire evening with his typical easy-going way. Also, our touring liason Stephanie Miletic guided the troubled busload with expertise and understanding. Needless to say, we are all hoping for a less eventful day tomorrow!

The Orchestra Pit in Eisenhower Auditorium - complete with music!



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