Jet-lag relief gods - Japan/South Korea Tour, November 13, 2013
Nov 14, 2013

Jet-lag relief gods - Japan/South Korea Tour, November 13, 2013

Patrick G. Jordan, viola
Experience remains a great teacher. Our 13+ hour flight yesterday seemed more like a breeze after travelling Toronto to Perth 18 months ago, a travel period that clocked in around 30 hours door to door. That said, I think we all could have lived without the baggage mix-up that greeted us at Narita – some bleary-eyed fellow traveler picked up the suitcase of one of our production colleagues, and it took an extra hour or so to sort that out, delaying our departure from the airport. Judging from the pictures I’ve seen of us on Facebook, that just meant more time to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi at Narita!

Free wi-fi!  Photo by Brandon Chui
We stopped at the first venue on the way to the hotel to drop off the production gear, which is fairly considerable for both the Galileo and House of Dreams programmes. Our production team was surprised and delighted to be greeted by a sizeable staff at the hall – I think our team was expecting to be met by someone who would unlock the loading door, but there was a crew there ready to help. I’m taking that as a great omen for things to come.
Having gotten one decent night’s sleep (night one is always the easiest), we have a recovery day, and all are hoping the jet-lag relief gods will look favourably upon us…

Bobble-head Bach at the Chrysanthemum Festival in Shinjuku Park - Photo by Aisslinn Nosky

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