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Epilogue - hand off to Chris Verrette

Feb 24, 2015

Epilogue - hand off to Chris Verrette

Patrick G. Jordan, viola

Epilogue  ‐  hand  off  to  Chris  Verrette  
We’re  back  in  Melbourne,  having  played  our  second  of  two  concerts  at  the  splendid  Elisabeth  Murdoch  Hall  in  the  Melbourne  Recital  Centre.  Jeanne  Lamon,  Christina  Mahler  and  I  went  to  supper  after  the  show  with  many  devoted  patrons  of  Musica  Viva  and  had  a  lovely  time.  What  a  great  group  of  people!  We  left  Sydney  this  morning,  and  I  had  a  moment  for  a  walk  down  to  the  harbour  before  we  left.  This  might  not  be  the  most  dramatic  photo  of  the  Opera  House  in  Sydney,  but  it  definitely  captured  the  feel  of  a  slightly  drizzly  morning.  We’ll  be  back  in  Sydney  in  a  couple  of  days,  for  something  a  bit  more  substantial  than  the  drive-‐by  show  we  had  yesterday!  
The  blogging  duties  are  over  to  Chris  Verrette  at  this  point,  as  is  custody  of  Mr.  Bach,  who  was  being  just  slightly  naughty  earlier  today.  Hopefully  Chris  will  smarten  him up!
Bobble-head Bach causing trouble, as usual

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