Australia/New Zealand Tour - Mar 18, 2012

Mar 18, 2012

Australia/New Zealand Tour - Mar 18, 2012

Cristina Zacharias (violin)

The last day of the tour was a very busy one, with a kids show in the afternoon and the full concert in the evening. The New Zealand International Arts Festival closes two days after we leave and we were the last big musical performance of the festival. It was a nice touch that recent refugees and immigrants to Wellington were invited, as well as the 300 local students. It's always fun to hear the kid's questions at the end of the show, usually proof of how closely they were paying attention.

A koala is a man's best friend. (Chris Verrette and Bagel)The 10th and final concert of the tour was bound to have some special energy. The sold out audience was immediately in the palm of actor Shaun Smyth's hand, and their responses to the show were great to hear. The Galileo show showcases all the members of the orchestra at various points, and each player brought out their best, reminding me how lucky I am to have the privilege of performing with all of them! Special mention has to go to Chris Verrette, our hero of improvisation both musical and physical, who pulled off a John Cleese style Silly Walk while playing one of his solos. Does anyone need any further proof that this is not your average early music concert?

After a lovely reception, where our hosts expressed the hope of seeing us again in future, the tour is officially over. Most of the orchestra are looking forward to returning home to their families and their own beds, while a few of us are spending a few extra days here before heading home.I must end the blog by saying a huge and heartfelt thank you to our incredible Tafelmusik production team - Steve McKay, Raha Javanfar and Glenn Davidson, as well as our dedicated tour manager, Beth Anderson, for all their hard work. There is truly no way the show could go on without them! Without the "sublime mind" of Alison Mackay, there wouldn't be a show at all, so I'll end by thanking her again for creating The Galileo Project, the show that has brought us down under for the first time!

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