March 2013

Mar 28, 2013

Lumberjacks and Sushi - Ontario Mini-Tour, March 28, 2013

Stephanie Miletic, Tour Manager

After checking out a few restaurants in town we decided to go for sushi on Tuesday night.

Mar 28, 2013

Moose Warning - Ontario mini-Tour, March 27, 2013

Stephanie Miletic, Tour Manager

Everyone we have spoken to in Timmins is overjoyed that we are here. According to many here, the opportunities for students to experience live music in schools and have masterclasses are few and far between. I definitely take it for granted living in Toronto!

Mar 26, 2013

Tafelmusik on a mini-tour: Day 1

by Stephanie Miletic, Operations Manager

We had an early start to the tour with a direct flight to Timmins with Porter Airlines. The “mini”-tour group consists of Patricia Ahern, violin, John Abberger, oboe, and Margaret Gay, cello. The only time I had experienced Porter was seeing the plane while en route to the Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute Picnic that always takes place on Toronto Island. We had some logistical challenges when planning this tour.

Mar 16, 2013

Our Tri-Coastal Tour - US Tour, March 16, 2013

Allen Whear (violoncello)

The second half of the House of Dreams tour took us to four different cities in four days. This was our third time performing in the magnificent Disney Concert Hall but it still took your breath away.

Mar 13, 2013

In a Halcyon Daze - US Tour, March 13, 2013

Allen Whear, violoncello

Halcyon days. plural noun, a period of peace and happiness; an idyllic time; also, a period of calm weather during the winter solstice.

Mar 8, 2013

North by Northwest - US Tour, March 8, 2013

Allen Whear, violoncello

This would be the perfect title for this blog, apart from the fact that we are flying Delta, which has absorbed Northwest, but hey.

Mar 7, 2013

Movin' on up...US Tour, March 7, 2013

Allen Whear, violoncello

Our first House of Dreams tour begins at the top of the heap. Over the years, Tafelmusik has earned many New York notches on its belt--The Metropolitan Museum, 92nd St Y, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall—but on this trip we find ourselves staking out new territory far uptown in what turns out to be an ideal place for this kind of program.