Jan 29, 2011

Western Canada Tour - Jan 29, 2011

John Abberger (oboe)

Following our free days in Victoria, we have settled into the usual routine of touring life. We are up each day in time to depart the hotel by around 9:00 AM to travel to the next concert location. Depending on the length of the travel time, this usually leaves us with a few hours to ourselves in the afternoon before meeting to travel to the concert venue. We then rehearse 1 to 1 ½ hours before the performance. After the performance we return to the hotel, and get up the next day to do it all over again.

The ferry ride from Victoria to Vancouver was spectacular, as always. I never travel on this ferry without remembering the time (many years ago, now) when the CBC was producing a documentary about our tour across Canada playing Handel’s Water Music. During the ferry crossing we were instructed to assemble on the upper deck at a certain point to be filmed by a crew that flew over us in a helicopter. Ah for the glory days of the CBC!

Breathtakingly beautiful, as well, was our bus ride from Vancouver to Kelowna. Those more familiar with local weather suffered a bit of anxiety about the conditions in the pass, and indeed, when we reached the higher elevations we could see evidence of considerable snow accumulation, but our trip was smooth and uneventful. Kelowna is located in a beautiful spot, and it is surprisingly warm there. I wondered to myself if this is normal, but a conversation with volunteers at the reception after the concert confirmed that this is in fact an unusual temperature for this time of year.

The audiences and presenters in BC have been unfailingly friendly and warm ... now it’s on to Edmonton and Calgary, where I will need the winter coat I have been carrying around for the last week.

Drive to Kelowna
On the road to Kelowna, British Columbia 


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