Jan 23, 2011

Western Canada Tour - Jan 23, 2011

John Abberger (oboe)

We arrived at the hotel here in Victoria, British Columbia on Friday night at about midnight, which was 3:00 AM Toronto time. The weather is considerably warmer than Toronto, which is nice, but I think we are compensating for this with a sleep deficit. I know that many of us woke up early on Saturday, our bodies not yet adjusted to west coast time. Saturday was filled with rehearsing for three hours in the afternoon and performing in the first concert of the tour that night. I usually try not to think about this too much, but the fact remains that in our sleep deprived state we will be walking on stage at 11 PM Toronto time. The hall here, Alix Goolden Hall at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, always stimulates our performing, however, as well as our imagination. The building is a church that was acquired by the Victoria Conservatory, and it is very similar to Trinity St. Paul’s in size and architectural design. With the installation of a permanent stage and with a few other adjustments it has been converted into an excellent performance space with a vibrant acoustic. The basic feel of the space and the connection with the audience is very similar to TSP, and many of us feel it is a great example of what our home venue could be one day. Add to this an adoring and appreciative audience, and the ingredients are all there for a successful performance. The audience is not disappointed, nor are we.

View of Victoria
Photo by Edwin Huizinga of the view from the hotel in Victoria, British Columbia.  


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