Feb 22, 2011

Ontario Tour - Feb 22, 2011

Charlotte Nediger (harpsichord)

On tour one tends to lose track of time. There’s the usual “If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium” (or in our case, Port Perry), but the clock also seems to play tricks, sometimes skipping forward and sometimes standing still. We arrived in Port Perry just before noon, and did a “Go for Baroque” show for schoolchildren in the early afternoon. Trying to get the frozen harpsichord (it travels under the bus in the unheated luggage compartment) in tune, concert clothes on, and a quick nibble eaten before the start of the concert kept me racing against the clock. Although I managed to beat it, the clock had its revenge in the 4.5-hour gap between the school show and the evening “grown-up” show. It was a pleasant enough wait – with a walk down the town’s main street to the frozen lake, time to practise, read, do some paper work, re-tune the now thawed harpsichord, and eat the dinner generously provided by the concert volunteers – but it proceeded at a snail’s pace. An hour before the concert we were all dressed and ready to play, but the insistent clock dug in its heels. It was in fact an early concert, scheduled for 7:00, and once it began the clock resumed its usual pace, and by 8:30 we were on the bus headed back to Toronto. I managed to catch the last minutes of the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir rehearsing a beautiful Mendelssohn motet at Trinity-St. Paul’s for the Beethoven 9th Symphony performances in early April. Back to our own beds again tonight, with an early morning departure for St. Mary’s tomorrow. While setting the alarm for a 6:30 a.m. wake-up call, I couldn’t help thinking that the clock got the last laugh today. 

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