Feb 21, 2011

Ontario Tour - Feb 21, 2011

Charlotte Nediger (harpsichord)

If Saturday was the ideal tour day, this was one of the more tedious. We took Jeanne’s “Go for Baroque” children’s show to the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau. The shows themselves were fine – it’s always great to play for young children and their parents, though the ambient noise makes it challenging. The harpsichord doesn’t fare well in big open spaces, so I feel more decorative than useful. But it was a morning of little mishaps, leading to a little more time in the frigid temperatures outside than was desired by most. A broken harpsichord string and a broken lug nut on the tour drum before the first show added to the sense that this day was not going to go smoothly. But repairs were done, the concerts proceeded, and we climbed aboard the bus for the long ride back to Toronto. Unusually for a tour, we will be spending two nights in our own beds this week, tonight and tomorrow. A nice chance to see loved ones, albeit briefly, and to grab clean clothes!



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