Feb 20, 2011

Ontario Tour - Feb 20, 2011

Charlotte Nediger (harpsichord)

Yesterday was the ideal tour day – we’d arrived in Kingston on Friday night, so there was no suitcase to lug, and no bus or plane to board. There was time to explore the city a little (and Kingston is definitely worth exploring!), eat without being in a rush, practise, even nap … all of which means you arrive at the concert hall feeling relaxed and ready to play. We play in Kingston every couple of years, and as Jeanne said in her opening remarks to the audience, it feels like our home away from home. The concert at Grant Hall on Queen’s University campus was sold out, and the audience clearly included some regular fans. The highlight of the tour programme for me is the Bach Concerto for oboe and violin, with John and Jeanne playing beautifully. On tours one can start to tire of some pieces, but in my experience, you never tire of Bach. No matter how many times you play a piece by Bach, there is still more to discover. We’ve been a little spoiled lately, with Bach concertos in January, and the B-Minor Mass last week …

Back on the bus this morning – to Ottawa. We’re playing as part of the concert series of the Ottawa Chamber Music Society. The Society’s Executive Director is Glenn Hodgins, who was Tafelmusik’s Tour/Production Manager for many years, so it was a reunion of sorts. During his Tafelmusik tenure he always ushered us on stage with the traditional “Toi, toi” (pronounced “toy, toy”) for good luck. When he appeared backstage tonight and we heard the “Toi, toi” again, we knew the concert would go well! Dominion-Chalmers Church is a beautiful space, with neo-Byzantine styling and a wonderful acoustic which makes it easy to play. Glenn and his wife, soprano Ann Monoyios – well known to Tafelmusik audiences – kindly invited the orchestra to their house for a post-concert gathering, a chance to unwind and share stories.



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