Sep 6, 2011

Montreal Tour - September 6, 2011 - Tafelmusik Chamber Choir

Craig Morash (baritone)

The choir arrived in Montreal mid-afternoon Sunday and were whisked off a couple of hours later to a late afternoon rehearsal with Ivars and the OSM choir at "L'Adresse Symphonique," the new concert hall. The official name of the hall has not yet been chosen, so the somewhat secret-code-sounding "Symphony Address" is being used for now. Our OSM guide escorted us, thankfully, through the maze of the backstage area since the backstage signage has not yet been installed. One wrong turn on our part and we could have ended up in the parking garage! The concert hall is spectacular and is clad almost entirely in warm, honey-coloured wood. The acoustics are, quite simply, superb. In a rehearsal later Sunday evening, Maestro Nagano experimented with the choir's dynamic levels from the loudest ringing forte to the softest almost-whispered pianissimo. Everything can be so clearly heard in the hall, which is marvellous.

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