Sep 10, 2011

Montreal Tour - September 10, 2011 - Tafelmusik Chamber Choir

Craig Morash (baritone)

Re-energized by a free day of strolling Montreal's streets, city bus tours, walking and running up, down and around Mount Royal, and generally putting maximum effort into sustaining Montreal's retail economy, we headed into our final 2 days of performances re-fuelled on Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and dinners of Greek food and red wine. We spent Friday morning in a recording session in the new concert hall for a patch session. The concerts are being recorded for a CD and the session was held to get a few additional "takes" of some passages that had not gone exactly as Maestro Nagano and the recording engineer would have liked in the opening performance. We had to be on our toes with perfection at all times since the microphones hide nothing - a tall order for 9:30 in the morning but we did it. The concert on Friday night was, as the introductory speaker said, the first opportunity in the new hall for a concert with just the performers and the audience. The opening night's television cameras were gone but we were still being filmed by 3 audience members during the concert. They probably thought they were being surreptitious but performers can see so much of what's happening in the audience from the stage. Performances can happen in both directions! The final concert tonight was outstanding and the orchestra played magnificently with great warmth and passion. We were rewarded with a loud and vocal standing ovation at the end of the performance and it was a very satisfying way to end our tour in Montreal. We are so grateful for the invitation from the OSM and we feel honoured to have had the opportunity to perform with this superb orchestra and the very fine OSM choir.

Ivars at the new Hall
Choir Director Ivars Taurins at the OSM’s new hall, Sept 2011.