Choral Spectacular - March 30, 2012

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Mar 30, 2012

Choral Spectacular - March 30, 2012

Tannis Sprott (soprano)

We returned to our home turf of Trinity-St. Paul’s Thursday night for our second “opening”. Although we couldn’t wave back, we did see all sorts of friends and family waving and cheering us on. The church is an intimate enough setting I recognized many regular subscribers, even though we have never met. Our home base audience is like a family to us, and we really can feel the warmth emanating from them. For the rest of the run, other than singing your best, the two most important items are to get down to the dressing room at intermission in time to 1) get at least one cookie off the tray; and 2) talk someone into giving you a mini massage as we attempt to avoid “folder shoulder”.

On stage
On stage at Trinity-St. Paul's

Tafelmusik held a reception for the choir after the concert to commemorate our 30th Anniversary. It was a wonderful event, with board members and Tafelmusik administration expressing their support for the choir. Carrie Loring (soprano) had written a wickedly funny poem about what it’s like to sing for Ivars, and the choir presented him with a small Austrian crystal flower as a memento and in response to one of his more wonderful metaphors, where he likened working with the choir to a gardener tending a beautiful garden. Ivars rounded out the evening by singing to the choir! He had compiled a list of all the music we had sung at every 5 year anniversary and set it to the “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Celebrating 30 Years with yummy treats


Carrie Loring
Soprano Carrie Loring sharing her poetry

Ivars Taurins
Ivars Taurins and his memento from the choir

The Choir!
Thank you to our audience for 30 years of loving appreciation and support!


We look forward to presenting this gorgeous music three more times. A “Choral Spectacular” indeed!




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