Choral Spectacular - March 28, 2012

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Mar 28, 2012

Choral Spectacular - March 28, 2012

Tannis Sprott (soprano)

It’s Wednesday morning, and as I start in on my second cup of coffee of the morning, I’m reflecting on last night’s opening concert at George Weston Recital Hall. It was an amazing evening, with an incredibly warm and receptive audience to accompany us on our musical journey.

I began yesterday by attending my 9:30 am yoga class. I figure it’s never too early on the day of a big performance to remind myself to take a deep breath. That was followed up by a tasty lunch, a glorious nap, a hot shower, a hasty dinner, and a few moments of consternation as I (along with many of the other female choristers, I’m sure) took a look at my shoe collection, trying to find something that would allow me to retain some feeling in my feet after standing still for a couple of hours, and that did not resemble either bedroom slippers or orthopaedic loafers! Once all was assembled, it was off to North York for the warm up, which doubled as an acoustic test in the hall.

There was lots of nervous excitement backstage as we were waiting to go on, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t been nervous for a Tafelmusik performance since my first year with the choir, way back in 1988! About ten bars into the opening Bach, the nerves disappeared, I remembered how to breathe again, and I was left with the excitement as a companion. Having done everything in order at the dress rehearsal, we had a better sense of how to pace ourselves, and we just sank into the flow of the program. There are all sorts of little gems in this concert, and everyone seems to have a different favourite. Mine so far is the Whitacre Water Night. I love the poetry, and the cluster chords, rather than being dissonant, just make the air around the choir shimmer. The dynamic range we are able to encompass in that piece is remarkable. There were moments last night at the end of some of the more contemplative a cappella repertoire where you could have heard the proverbial pin drop in the hall.

Following the concert, we were invited to a reception hosted by Margaret and Jim Fleck, sponsors of the George Weston Recital Hall series. It was a gracious ending to a very successful opening. You have four more chances to hear this glorious program as we return to our regular performing location, Trinity-St. Paul’s on Bloor St., Thursday through Sunday. Come on out and find your own favourite gem!


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