Nov 19, 2010

Baroque Mentors - November 19, 2010

Charlotte Nediger (harpsichord)

This is a quick note to let you all know that our Baroque Mentors visits to universities in London and Windsor were a great success.
Thanks to Christina and Tricia Ahern for working with the Early Music Studio students at UWO.

Washington McClain (former oboist with Tafelmusik), Stephanie and I joined them at University of Windsor. We led separate masterclasses, taught two music history classes, and rehearsed and performed a public concert. Both students and faculty were really excited about having us in residence, and were very welcoming. The faculty members repeatedly stated how amazed they were that Tafelmusik was able to offer the programme, and were extremely grateful. Lucas Harris will be heading to both schools next week to complete our ‘tourette.’ For the Windsor students, this was their first exposure to baroque instruments, and to much of the music we played, and it was clear in speaking to them that this made a lasting impact. Royal Bank should be very proud of their sponsorship.

A very big thank you to Stephanie for setting up these visits and for taking care of every last detail on the road with such generosity and care!! Attached are a few pictures she took — of the very cool Baroque Mentors banner, and of the music history class that Tricia, Christina and I taught, and finally of Wash with a flute student in masterclass.

Baroque Mentors Banner


Windsor Presentation

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