Jan 31, 2012

Banff residency - Jan 31, 2012

Dominic Teresi (bassoon)

After the third full day of rehearsals we've now blocked the entire program. Alison has chosen some absolutely gorgeous works of art as backdrops and the set and lighting look fabulous. In many ways House of Dreams is coming together much more smoothly than The Galileo Project did at first. Three years ago we had never before performed a memorized program as an orchestra and none of us were really sure we could actually do it. This time however, with so many Galileo performances under our belts, the actual task of memorization hasn't seemed as daunting and on the whole we all arrived in Banff better prepared to begin working. This has made the rehearsal process easier and less stressful for everyone.

I have to say we are extremely fortunate to be working with Marshall Pynkoski again on House of Dreams. He has such an impressive ability to translate Alison's ideas into effective and beautiful staging and he is incredibly patient with all of us. Although as musicians we are all very used to being on stage, most of us don't necessarily give a lot of thought on simply how to get from point A to point B in front of an audience. Marshall is great about getting us in and out of the various formations in the show with ease and a bit of style. Again, our Galileo experience has helped us in this respect and it seems to me that Marshall doesn't have to spend as much time correcting our awkward movements on stage as he did the first time around.

Even though, compared to Galileo, we are more confident at the outset, the last three days of rehearsals have still been hard work. In some respects the music for House of Dreams is more challenging both to play and to memorize. We are all definitely tired after a long and full day of rehearsal. Even so, many of us found the energy for an impromptu extra rehearsal tonight, what we like to call a "play date". Spirits were elevated both by a heart-breakingly beautiful rendition of Purcell's "Three parts upon a Ground" by Aisslinn, Cristina and Genevieve as well as the bottle of scotch Aisslinn brought along. Cheers!

Rehearsing House of Dreams


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