Jan 30, 2012

Banff residency - Jan 30, 2012

Dominic Teresi (bassoon)

It's great to be back in Banff again. Unfortunately, we arrived here too late at night to see any of the scenery on the 2-hour bus ride from Calgary. However, this only made the view that greeted me as I walked outside the next morning that much more stunning. We're completely surrounded by gorgeous snow-covered mountains and I can't imagine a more perfect and inspiring winter landscape.

The entire orchestra has been excited for months to get back to The Banff Centre and begin working together on Alison's latest project, House of Dreams. Our residency here three years ago when we prepared The Galileo Project was certainly one of the most transformative experiences of my Tafelmusik tenure thus far. Several of us have attachments to this place that go back even longer to residencies spent here during our student days. In fact, it was at The Banff Centre that I first met Julia Wedman and Aisslinn Nosky. Coincidentally, the very next time I saw them again was at my first-ever Tafelmusik project back in 2001.

There have been a few changes since my previous times here, new buildings have gone up and some older ones have disappeared, but what is most special and unique about this place remains the same. It is a place where artists of all disciplines can come to sequester themselves and focus on their work. The place is full of musicians, actors, writers, dancers, filmmakers and visual artists and the creative energy here is literally palpable.

Setting up for first rehearsal
Setting up for our first rehearsal

We've had two days of rehearsals so far. Saturday was music only and today we blocked the first half of the show. I am continually reminded as we work how privileged I am to work with my Tafelmusik colleagues. This is an amazing group of dedicated and immensely creative individuals and I can't wait to see how House of Dreams develops over the coming week.

Break time!
Break time!

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