Feb 4, 2012

Banff residency - Feb 4, 2012

Dominic Teresi (bassoon)

Last night was the premiere of House of Dreams in front of a very full house in Rolston Hall. It was a fittingly climactic finish to an intense week of work. The show was not without first time glitches here and there but overall it went very well and was met with a standing ovation. Blair Williams' narration was brilliant. Actors never seem to really turn it on unless they have an audience in front on them and Blair was no exception, captivating the whole room with his words.
One thing that became clear to me last night was that although I didn't feel nearly as nervous or stressed this week about preparing HOD as I did for Galileo three years ago, I probably should have. There is an extra level of challenge that comes from playing a memorized program in front of an audience that cannot be replicated no matter how much practice and rehearsal one has. At times you can turn a musical corner only to be faced with a completely blank mind - and you have to move forward. It is a terrifying fact that in spite of knowing a piece cold in the fingers and head, the nerves can at any moment take it all away in a flash. Thankfully, experience tells me that the force of repetition will calm our nerves and the supportive atmosphere we have cultivated together will prevail.

As I write this, we are on the bus making our way out of Banff and on to the Calgary airport. This time the incredible landscape we missed driving in at night last week is lit by a bright morning sun. Range after range of stunning snow-topped mountains surround us and I am literally filled with awe at the sight of it all. What a great way to end an inspiring week. See you in Toronto!

Mountain in Banff

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