Feb 2, 2012

Banff residency - Feb 2, 2012

Dominic Teresi (bassoon)

Today we had two complete run-throughs of the House of Dreams show. It's coming together nicely, but these rehearsals are crucial as we work on internalizing all the movement and stage direction in addition to the music. Nerves are a pretty big factor when playing from memory and I am happy to get as much rehearsal as possible. We have one more dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon before we perform in front of a full house in the evening.

Have I already mentioned how proud I am to be a part of this group? I feel that I truly have the world's greatest colleagues and I am in constant awe at their ability to perform this difficult music from memory so beautifully. All of the music in the program is fantastic.

But enough about music. Have I mentioned all the other great things about Banff? First of all, there are the physical surroundings. The Banff Centre sits on the side of Tunnel Mountain. The trail up Tunnel Mountain is a lovely walk and affords incredible views of the town and the surrounding mountains. I think most of us have taken at least one trip up the mountain this week. I particularly love this view of Mt. Rundle from the top:

Mt. Rundle
Mt Rundle

Enjoying the mountain air!
John Abberger, Patricia Ahern and Chris Verrette.

 A group of us also made the pilgrimage to the Banff hot springs one evening. These outdoor natural hot springs are about 40 degrees and feel great in the chilly night air. For anyone who forgets to bring a suit along, there are "historic" bathing suits available for rent. Sorry, there are no photos allowed for that evening.

One more dress rehearsal until the show tomorrow night. I can't wait to bring House of Dreams back to Toronto to play in front of our home audience next week!


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