Mar 15, 2012

Australia/New Zealand Tour - Mar 15, 2012

Cristina Zacharias (violin)

From Adelaide our next and final Australian stop was Brisbane. We arrived to a gorgeous tropical day. Tom Georgi lived and worked in Brisbane until he joined Tafelmusik in 1989, and he invited us to a Turkish restaurant to meet a group of his friends from the local musical community. It was really moving to hear Tom's friends talk about how he had influenced their interest in early music. One of them had brought his book on viola da gamba music from Berlin, in which he thanked Tom in the credits! We also had a chance to catch up with 3 young musicians who attended last year's TBSI! During a few free hours, there was an expedition to the Lone Pine sanctuary, where visitors could get up close and personal with kangaroos and koalas! (Note: we have been advised in no uncertain terms that koalas are not bears but marsupials. They areDominic Teresi and Kangaroo also cuddly!)

The concert went really well - again, good thing we planned the second encore- and now we have to say a sad (and very early morning) goodbye to Australia, and to Musica Viva.






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