Oct 18, 2010

Asia Tour - October 18, 2010

Elly Winer (viola)

Today we had our dress rehearsal in the concert hall of the twin towers. The hall has a completely wooden interior, like some of the finest European halls we've played in. The new projection screen for the Galileo show was up. This one is much lighter and easier to travel with. The ornate original one was extremely heavy and took hours to set up and take down.

The dress rehearsal went well, with everyone basking in the fine acoustic. The Galileo show is stressful enough for the orchestra, as we all are playing from memory, yet having a warm sound onstage helps calm one down. Everyone can make a fine sound without worrying about harshness or projection.

After yet another fine snack/meal in the food court of the towers and a well deserved nap we returned to the hall for the opening concert. The first concert was for an audience of sponsor guests and students. They really enjoyed the concert, giving us a rousing welcome to Malaysia. Even though we've played this show many times, it's still very moving to experience. The combined effect of the lighting, images, narrative and music are ever engaging, especially when we play in a hall where there is proper lighting and acoustics.

On stage in Kuala Lampur
Inside the concert hall

Kuala Lampur
The new screen

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