Oct 17, 2010

Asia Tour - October 17, 2010

Elly Winer (viola)

Today, feeling more rested after our day off, we began rehearsals at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The massive towers have the Malaysian Philharmonic's concert hall contained in the shopping mall of the complex. We were led through the bowels of this building to a tiny rehearsal room, going through gate after gate, much like the final shot of the 70's TV show: Get Smart.

Our guest narrator, Jonathan Kos-Read, joined us for the first time to rehearse all the transitions from script to music, both in English and in Mandarin. He was very energetic in his reading, being familiar with the Asian audience of his Beijing TV show.

The break between rehearsals brought us for the first time to the food court of the shopping centre of the towers. We had a fantastic selection available of food stalls. For the next couple of days, it became impossible for us to pass by the food court without stopping for well, just one little snack.

The second rehearsal had us preparing the upcoming education/outreach program at the planetarium. The greatest pleasure for me was hearing Wen Zhao and Lucas Harris play their Pipa and Lute duet. This became the internal soundtrack for many of us throughout the tour.

Pipa and Lute Duet
Wen Zhao and Lucas Harris play their Pipa and Lute duet.

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