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May 3, 2012

Bach and the Violin - May 3, 2012

Patricia Ahern (violin)

We had our first performance of the Rachel Podger programme last night, and it was great fun! From the very first notes of the Bach's E major violin concerto, Rachel happily and energetically led us with all the same brilliance and detail that we worked on in rehearsals. Our recorder/flute soloists Alison Melville and Matthias Maute were virtuosic and a treat to hear in a Telemann concerto and then also in Brandenburg Concerto #4.

Apr 30, 2012

Bach and the Violin - April 30, 2012

Patricia Ahern (violin)

We just finished our first rehearsals of the Rachel Podger programme. It was a full day of 6 hours of rehearsal, and yet the time just flew! Rachel is so friendly and sweet, but she is very detailed in all her requests, bringing out nuances and phrasing in every suggestion.