Planned Giving
A close up photograph of a harpsicord shows a keyboard with black and white keys, and an intricately detailed floral filigree background

Planned Giving

The beauty of Tafelmusik can be part of your legacy to the future. There is a powerful way you can ensure excellence for generations to come.

From its humble beginnings in 1979, Tafelmusik has grown into a position among Canada's most preeminent orchestras.

Beloved by its home audience and lauded on the international stage, it has achieved a level of excellence that could only have been dreamed about when it began.

But Tafelmusik is not resting on its success. It is wisely planning for the future by creating a foundation of financial strength. It is also building excellent artist training and youth education programs, and developing the next generation of world-renowned musicians and audiences.

How can I be a partner with Tafelmusik?

“We love music in general and Tafelmusik in particular. When making our bequest decision, we considered the steps Tafelmusik has taken to grow, prosper, educate and plan, and concluded that the organization is doing everything right to secure its future. We are confident that Tafelmusik will use our legacy gift prudently and creatively as that exciting future unfolds.” 
Suzanne Palmer and Wayne Drewry, Tafelmusik Supporters

You can bring the joy of Tafelmusik to future generations through one of the most powerful tools in your possession – your estate plan. There are many different ways that you can make a legacy gift. Each type has different benefits for you and your family.

  • A Bequest in Your Willdetails
    Making a bequest to Tafelmusik in your Will ensures that the joy of Tafelmusik will be there for future generations to enjoy.

  • A Gift of Life Insurancedetails
    A gift of a new or existing life insurance policy means you can build a larger legacy than you thought possible while also creating current tax savings.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity details
    Create a significant legacy for the future while receiving a stable lifetime income stream and an immediate tax saving.

Tax Benefits

Your planned gifts can create excellent tax advantages; we recommend that you speak with your financial advisor to help determine which method is most advantageous to you from a tax perspective. We encourage you to choose the type of gift that best suits your needs and interests.

How will my gift be remembered?

Your gift will be permanently honoured by Tafelmusik and will be remembered in many ways. Every time a musician steps on stage, an audience member experiences a concert, or a child hears great music for the first time, your legacy will have a living impact.

Saying ‘thank you’ is important to us. That is why we invite you to become a member of the Tafelmusik Legacy Society. This is an honorary group comprised of those who have made a bequest or other planned gift to ensure the future of Tafelmusik.

With your permission, we will honour you by including your name in the regular listing of the Tafelmusik Legacy Society members in Tafelmusik’s house programs. You will also be invited to special donor events, allowing you to meet other Society members and keep informed about Tafelmusik.

By allowing us to celebrate your philanthropy, your example will inspire others to join you in creating a legacy in music.

For more information on Planned Giving, please contact the Development Office:

1 (833) 964-6337