Young Artist Fund: A New Vision for Artist Training

Jeanne Lamon Young Artist Fund: A New Vision
A New Vision for Artist Training
Inspired by the extraordinary success of our current initiatives, Tafelmusik is launching an expansion of its baroque artist training with the Tafelmusik International Baroque Academy, an international programme to train the next generation of period instrument performers.
The Tafelmusik International Baroque Academy will:
  • Be a highly selective programme for accomplished young artists. Most will have completed their formal musical training and many will be active professionals in the early stages of their performing careers. 
  • Be a unique programme in North America. There are few institutions in North America that offer degree or diploma programmes in orchestral- based period performance training. This new Institute will be a unique programme for students to learn from highly accomplished teachers in the baroque performance milieu.
  • Make Toronto a leading centre in North America for orchestral-based training of baroque performers. Young musicians will come to Toronto several times per year for intensive teaching modules. Toronto will become a premier educational centre for young performers to learn from musicians who are master practitioners in historically informed practice.
  • Be international in scope in conjunction with our touring, and in attracting talented young musicians from around the globe.

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Building on Strength: Tafelmusik's Proven Track Record in Artist Training
Jeanne Lamon Young Artist Fund - Artist Training
Tafelmusik already has a remarkable record of success training young artists in baroque performance education. 
In 2002, our musicians came forward with a new vision: to make Toronto the leading centre in North America for training young period performance musicians. That vision led to the creation of the Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute.
The Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute has achieved striking results. Three of the Summer Institute’s alumni have won positions in the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. Other Institute graduates have taken up positions in other top ranked baroque orchestras such as the Handel & Haydn Society (Boston), La Petite Bande (Belgium), the Gabrieli Players (London), and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (London). The Tafelmusik Winter Institute, inaugurated in 2013, carries forward the success of the Summer Institute and offers advanced performers an intensive week of specialized orchestral study that focuses on a particular period or school of music. 
These artist training programmes are a true success story and proof positive of Tafelmusik’s ability to be a world-leading education centre for baroque orchestral practice.
Now is the time to expand our artist training programmes and provide promising young musicians the critical mass of performance-based training they need to succeed as professional musicians.