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Suites from Dardanus & Le Temple de la Gloire

Rameau, Jean-Philippe

Directed by Jeanne Lamon

JUNO Award Winner 2005 - "Classical Album of the Year: Large Ensemble" & Grammy Award Nominee 2005

"Ms. Lamon and Tafelmusik have earned high marks … the music's greatness might not be so obvious but for Tafelmusik's fine period style… It will have listeners wondering why this music is not as well known as works by Bach, Handel and Vivaldi." - The New York Times
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PreviewTrack Title
1. Dardanus, Ouverture
2. Dardanus, Air gracieux
3. Dardanus, Tambourins I/II
4. Dardanus, Air vif
5. Dardanus, Rigaudons I/II
6. Dardanus, Ritournelle vive
7. Dardanus, Air grave pur les magiciens
8. Dardanus, Loure pour les Phrygiens
9. Dardanus, Air gai en rondeau pour les memes
10. Dardanus, Menuets I/II
11. Dardanus, Tambourins I/II
12. Dardanus, Rondeau tendre: Sommeil
13. Dardanus, Air très vif
14. Dardanus, Air tender; Calme des sens
15. Dardanus, Gavotte vive
16. Dardanus, Chaconne
17. Le temple de la gloire, Ouverture
18. Le temple de la gloire, Airs I/II
19. Le temple de la gloire, Gavottes en musette
20. Le temple de la gloire, Air: Mouvement de gavotte lent
21. Le temple de la gloire, Air de Triomphe
22. Le temple de la gloire, Gigue vive
23. Le temple de la gloire, Forlane gai
24. Le temple de la gloire, Air gai
25. Le temple de la gloire, Passacaille
26. Le temple de la gloire, Loure grave pour une entrée brillante
27. Le temple de la gloire, Passepieds I/II: Entrée de la jeunesse
28. Le temple de la gloire, Suite de la passacaille
29. Le temple de la gloire, Air très gai

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This re-release of orchestral suites from two stage works by Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) marks the first occasion on which JEANNE LAMON, and the TAFELMUSIK ORCHESTRA, Toronto’s award-winning period instrument orchestra, recorded music of the French baroque.  The two suites featured on this CD are drawn from Rameau’s epic five-act “tragédie en musique” Dardanus, and from the less familiar “opéra-ballet” Le Temple de la Gloire.   Rameau was a mature composer of fifty before he completed his first opera - Hippolyte et Aricie  (1733). Over the next six years, the dispute between the conservative Lullistes (i.e., Jean-Baptiste Lully) and the Ramistes continued to rage, climaxing with the semi-mythological tragedy Dardanus in 1739.  The furor eventually abated, however, and Dardanus was acclaimed as one of Rameau’s finest achievements. Le temple de la gloire  - a commission celebrating France’s victory over British and Imperial forces at the Battle of Fontenoy - was completed in 1745.

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