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House of Dreams (CD+DVD)

Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell and more

Directed by Jeanne Lamon | Programmed and scripted by Alison Mackay

Physical DVD/CD out of stock until further notice

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1. Handel: Prelude to "As with rosy steps," from TheodoraMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
2. Handel: Allegro, from Concerto grosso op. 6, no. 5MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
3. Handel: Vivace, from Concerto grosso op. 3, no. 2MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
4. Handel: Allegro, from Concerto grosso op. 6, no. 1MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
5. Handel: Entré des songes agréables from AlcinaMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
6. Handel: Gavotte, from AlcinaMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
7. Handel: Tamburino, from AlcinaMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
8. Vivaldi: Largo, from Concerto in D Major for lute RV 93MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
9. Vivaldi: Allegro, from Concerto in D Minor for 2 oboes RV 535MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
10. Vivaldi: Allegro, from Concerto in E Minor for bassoon RV 484MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
11. Vivaldi: Allegro, from Concerto in G Minor for 2 cellos RV 531MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
12. Sweelinck: Engelse FortuynMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
13. Purcell: Fantasia in 3 parts upon a groundMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
14. Purcell: Third act tune, from The Indian QueenMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
15. Purcell: Symphony, from St. Cecilia OdeMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
16. Marais: Tambourins, from AlcyoneMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
17. Marais: Marche en rondeau, from AlcyoneMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
18. Marais: Ritournelle Acte III, from Alcyone MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
19. Marais: Marches des matelots, from AlcyoneMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
20. Marais: Ritournelle Acte III, from Alcyone – RepriseMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
21. Marais: Tempeste (Storm), from AlcyoneMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
22. Marais: Ritournelle Acte V, from AlcyoneMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
23. Marais: Chaconne, from AlcyoneMP3$1.99BuyFLAC$3.99Buy
24. Bach: Gigue, from Trio sonata in C Major, BWV 1037 MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
25. Bach: Largo for 2 oboes, bassoon and continuo, after Aria from Cantata 135 "Im Tod ist alles stille" (In death all is still)MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
26. Bach: Allegro, from Concerto for 2 violins in D Minor, BWV 1043MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
27. Telemann: Ouverture, from WassermusikMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy

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Jeanne Lamon, Music Director
Alison Mackay, Programmed and Scripted
Marshall Pynkoski, Stage Director
Glenn Davidson, Production Designer
Blair Williams, Narrator

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra presents a magical journey to the meeting places of baroque art and music – visit five European homes where exquisite works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Marais are played against a backdrop of gorgeous paintings by Vermeer, Canaletto and Watteau. Beautifully filmed in Toronto, at the Handel House in London UK and in the gondolas, historic buildings and cafés of Venice, Italy.  This is a totally memorized performance by the virtuoso players of Tafelmusik.  DVD includes a bonus track interview with Handel House Director Sarah Baldwell.  A CD soundtrack is included.

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