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Welcome to Tafel, our magazine for the musically curious. Offered three times a year, this publication will, we hope, welcome new friends as well as extend the rich conversations we are already having with so many of you.

These offstage conversations have grown even more important as we contemplate the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently deprived of performing live public concerts, we are doubly committed to sharing moments of beauty and joy with you online and through this magazine.

In this, our third issue of Tafel, learn about the revival of baroque fashion, experience a conversaion with Marlon Daniel on the influential 18th century Black composer Joseph Bologne, and discover the surprising relationship between music and magic.

Issue 3: Summer 2021
Cover artwork by Gordon Shadrach
Fashion Forward by Dr. Ingrid Mida 
In Conversation: Conductor Marlon Daniel on Composer Joseph Bologne 
Grand Illusion by Luisa Trisi

Previous Issues

Cover of Tafel Mag, Issue 2: Winter 2021. Artwork credit: Mary's Garden by Alex MacLeod

Issue 2: Winter 2021
Cover artwork by Alex McLeod
In Paradisum: Rambling in Mary's Garden by Lauretta Santarossa
In Conversation: Pippa Macmillan and Chi-chi Nwanoku
Variations on Bach’s Goldberg Variations by Luisa Trisi

Cover of Tafel Mag, Issue 1: Spring/Summer 2020. Artwork credit: Reverie by Darby Milbrath

Issue 1: Spring/Summer 2020
Cover artwork by Darby Milbrath
Why does music move us? by Michael Thaut and Veronica Vuong
Introducing Emi Ferguson
Doron Sherwin and the Cornetto by Luisa Trisi
Baroque 101: The Cornetto

Art credit: Opus 7, Gordon Shadrach