Tafel Magazine

Tafel magazine. Cover: Reverie by Darby Milbrath

Welcome to Tafel, our new magazine for the musically curious. Offered three times a year, this publication will, we hope, welcome new friends as well as extend the rich conversations we are already having with so many of you.

These offstage conversations have grown even more important as we contemplate the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently deprived of performing live public concerts, we are doubly committed to sharing moments of beauty and joy with you online and through this magazine.

In the coming months, you can expect to explore the world of Tafelmusik— our music, instruments, and artists—as well as big ideas on how music nourishes our human need for connection. 

In this issue, we meet flutist Emi Ferguson, take a look at how music affects the brain, and learn about the cornetto’s unique allure from one of the world’s leading players.

Read our first issue here.

Art credit: The Reverie, Darby Milbrath