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Handel, George Frideric

Directed by Ivars Taurins | Karina Gauvin, soprano | Robin Blaze, countertenor | Rufus Müller, tenor | Brett Polegato, baritone

“… this is one of the best-played recordings of Messiah.” -Gramophone

“I deem it a desert-island Messiah… for me this is the performance of Messiah to own.” -Fanfare
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CD I: 1. SinfonyMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
2. Tenor Accompagnato: Comfort ye, my peopleMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
3. Tenor Air: Ev'ry valley shall be exaltedMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
4. Chorus: And the glory of the LordMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
5. Bass Accompagnato: Thus saith the LordMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
6. Alto Air: But who may abide the day of His coming MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
7. Chorus: And He shall purify the sons of LeviMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
8. Alto Recitative: Behold, a virgin shall conceive / Alto Air & Chorus: O thous that tellest good tidings to ZionMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
9. Bass Accompagnato: For behold, darkness shall cover the earthMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
10. Bass Air: The people that walked in darknessMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
11. Chorus: For unto us a Child is bornMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
12. Pifa & Soprano Recitative/Accompagnato: There were shepherdsMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
13. Chorus: Glory to God in the highestMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
14. Soprano Air: rejoice greatly, O daughter of ZionMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
15. Alto Recitative: Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened / Alto/Soprano Duet: He shall feed His flock like a shepherdMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
16. Chorus: His yoke is easyMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
17. Chorus: Behold the Lamb of GodMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
18. Alto Air: He was despisedMP3$2.99BuyFLAC$4.99Buy
CD II: 1. Chorus: Surely he hath borne our griefsMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
2. Chorus: And with His stripes we are healedMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
3. Chorus: All we like sheep have gone astrayMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
4. Tenor Accompagnato: All they that see Him laugh Him to scornMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
5. Chorus: He trusted in GodMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
6. Tenor Accompagnato: Thy rebuke hath broken His heartMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
7. Tenor Arioso: Behold, and seeMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
8. Soprano Accompagnato: He was cutt off
9. Soprano Air: But Thou didst not leave His soul in hellMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
10. Chorus: Lift up your headsMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
11. Tenor Recitative: Unto which of the angels / Chorus: Let all the angelsMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
12. Alto Air: Thou art gone up on highMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
13. Chorus: The Lord gave the wordMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
14. Soprano Air: How beautiful are the feetMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
15. Chorus: Their sound is gone outMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
16. Bass Air: Why do the nationsMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
17. Chorus: Let us break their bonds asunderMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
18. Tenor Recitative: He that dwelleth in heaven / Tenor Air: Thou shalt break themMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
19. Chorus: HallelujahMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
20. Soprano Air: I know that my Redeemer livethMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
21. Chorus: Since by man came deathMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
22. Bass Accompagnato: Behold, I tell you a mystery
23. Bass Air: The trumpet shall soundMP3$1.99BuyFLAC$3.99Buy
24. Alto Recitative: Then shall be brought to pass / Alto/Tenor Duet: O death, where is thy sting?MP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
25. Chorus: But thanks be to GodMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
26. Soprano Air: If God be for usMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
27. Chorus: Worthy is the LambMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy
28. Chorus: AmenMP3$0.99BuyFLAC$1.99Buy

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Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir present an intimate and stirring performance of the baroque masterpiece Handel’s Messiah. This 2-CD recording of the full score on period instruments features a stellar cast of soloists. Tafelmusik presents this baroque masterpiece with the spirit and vitality of Handel’s own 18th-century productions. “Superhuman”, “spot-on”, “crisp” and “inspired” are just a few of the words critics have used to describe Tafelmusik’s Messiah. A perennial favourite with audiences and critics alike, Tafelmusik’s Messiah has garnered glowing reviews year after year. I cannot remember a Messiah presentation as uniformly ‘spot-on’ as this year’s by Ivars Taurins’ Tafelmusik Chamber Choir and Baroque Orchestra.” -The Globe and Mail


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