A Voyage to Vancouver Island - Western Canada Tour, November 24, 2012

Nov 26, 2012

A Voyage to Vancouver Island - Western Canada Tour, November 24, 2012

Aisslinn Nosky, violin

Tour day 2 started with a very beautiful sunrise in Vancouver. It was very mild and I took a brief walk around Lonsdale Quay in order to soak up the view and the fresh ocean smells before we boarded the bus to head to the ferry. It was a beautiful day for the crossing and all of the orchestra could be spotted on the outside decks trying to capture the view with assorted smartphones and cameras.

BC Ferry to Vancouver Island

Once we arrived at our hotel I met up with my parents who made the trip down from Nanaimo to see the show. We had a lovely afternoon walking around Victoria and having lunch.

Alix Goolden Hall is one of the orchestra's favourite venues in the entire world. It looks beautiful and has a very intimate feeling from the stage, and has a gorgeous acoustic which is pretty much perfect for our style of music-making. It seems like whenever we play for the Early Music Society of the Islands in Victoria the audience is large and tonight was no exception. It is general seating at the hall and as I waited for my parents to make their way in I struck up a conversation with a patron. When he (understandably) asked why I was saving some seats, I explained that my parents had made the trip from Nanaimo to see the show. I told him that, while over the years my parents have traveled many miles to see Tafelmusik concerts in various places, they had not yet had a chance to see "Galileo" and that for them to have a special view for the evening would mean the world to me. The patron told me that he is a longtime fan of Tafelmusik and had been waiting for years for this particular concert to come to the Island ... and he added with a twinkle in his eye that he would enjoy it even more knowing that my mother had a nice view. I love it when I get to make a new connection with someone who cares about our music!

Jeanne Lamon looking through a telescope
Music Director Jeanne Lamon looking through a telescope

The concert went very well. As we moved around on stage and through the hall I felt like I got to enjoy the beautiful acoustics from several different perspectives which brought different parts of the score to my attention. After we finished the performance the full house let out an appreciative roar and I was happy once again that we were able to share this special programme with such an enthusiastic crowd of music lovers.

Next stop Duncan!

On the bus to Duncan!


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