Message from Jeanne Lamon, Music Director
Revitaliztion Project

All great orchestras have great halls.

Jeanne Lamon, music directorDear Friends,

For years we have dreamed of transforming the acoustics of our venue at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre so that our loyal audience can hear the wonderful sound of Tafelmusik the same way international audiences hear us in the best concert halls in the world.

The hall we perform in is like the instrument for the entire orchestra and choir, and if we improve that instrument, we dramatically improve the experience for our audience and our musicians.

With your generous support of our Venue Revitalization Project, you will make possible the long overdue venue improvements to transform your Tafelmusik experience, and enable us to take the necessary steps to ensure our artistic development into the future.

We have also heard from many of you who wish to enrich the concert experience for our audience by improving the seating in the hall, making the hall and the other public spaces more beautiful, and enhancing accessibility. With your generous gifts, we will be able to accomplish these goals.

 Tafelmusik is committed to Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre as our home venue. This is the place where we have shared our music for over three decades, and where we have developed a personal relationship with our audience that is unique in our city. The hall is an ideal size for our orchestra and choir, and it provides us with a venue that is sustainable for our long-term future.

Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre has all the elements needed to be an ideal performance space for decades to come. Yet the inherent acoustical shortcomings and the limitations of the stage are holding us back from reaching new heights of musical quality and programming innovation. And the comfort of the seats in the hall is an impediment to the enjoyment of the Tafelmusik experience.

That is why we have embarked on our Venue Revitalization Project, a $3 million campaign to transform Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre to produce a performance experience of the highest standard – while respecting the sacred and historic nature of this beautiful church.  When complete, the new Trinity-St. Paul’s will be an exceptional home for the Tafelmusik orchestra and chamber choir, Toronto Consort and the other wonderful arts and community organizations who use this space.

Tafelmusik has achieved international prominence as one of the finest period performance ensembles in the world. Today, as we look ahead to a new era of growth, our number one priority is to make Trinity-St. Paul’s a long-term home of the highest artistic and aesthetic standard.

I ask you to join with me in giving to our Venue Revitalization Project. Together, we can achieve the vision and the potential of our beloved orchestra and choir for our audience, and that of the many excellent artists and artistic groups such as Toronto Consort that call Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre home.


Jeanne Lamon
Music Director