House of Dreams: Press Photos

House of Dreams

House of Dreams Press Photos

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Live photos

  Tafelmusik with Canaletto The Palazzo Ducale, Venice (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Tafelmusik with Watteau Les Plaisirs du Bal (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Tafelmusik with Canaletto The Grand Canal looking northwest from near the Rialto (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Tafelmusik with Vermeer The music lesson (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Tafelmusik with Vermeer, Girl with a red hat (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Aisslinn Nosky, Cristina Zacharias and Geneviève Gilardeau with three Vermeer Images (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Tafelmusik with Titian The Death of Actaeon (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Tafelmusik with Carpaccio Metamorphosis of Alcyone (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Tafelmusik with Chardin, Still Life (photo by Glenn Davidson)
  Blair Williams, House of Dreams Narrator (photo by Glenn Davidson)

Supporting Images

  Handel's house in London today (photo by Andy Lepki)
  Handel's music room (photo by Andy Lepki)
  Handel's bedroom (photo by Andy Lepki)
  Joseph Smith's Venice palazzo today (photo by Elizabeth Ganiatsos)
  View of Grand Canal from Joseph Smith's palazzo (photo by Raha Javanfar)
  The Golden ABC, Delft  (photo by Dennis Verbruggen)
  Jeanne Lamon and Christina Mahler in the Golden ABC, Delft (photo by Dennis Verbruggen)
  Palais Royale, Paris (photo by Alison Mackay)
  French 17th -century mirrors (photo by David New)
  Bose House, Leipzig (photo by Gert Mothes)
  Music Room in Bose House, Leipzig (photo by Gert Mothes)