Tafelmusik Winter Institute: Application Process


Application Process 


Application deadline: October 15, 2019
Notifications of acceptance will be sent out October 29, 2019.

Please note that TWI is only open to experienced players of period instruments only.

Details of how to apply will be posted in early July.

Note that all applicants will be required to submit a CV and an audition recording (video only for strings; audio or video for oboe, bassoon, horn & harpsichord). The audition requirements are listed below. Oboists and bassoonists may audition on classical or baroque instruments.


Audition Repertoire


If playing a classical oboe:

  • Trio of the Minuet in Mozart Symphony no. 36 “Linz”
  • Trio of the Minuet in Mozart Symphony no. 25 “Little G Minor”

If playing a baroque oboe:

  • 2 baroque sonata movements


If playing a classical bassoon:

  • Mozart Sonata K.292: 1st movement A section only
  • Ibid: 2nd movement complete

If play a baroque bassoon:

  • 2 movements of any sonata by Telemann, Boismortier, Merci, or Galliard


  • the exposition of any of the Mozart horn concerto 1st movements
  • 2nd horn part of Trio of the Minuet in Beethoven Symphony no. 8


  • a movement of unaccompanied Bach
  • the 1st movement of a Mozart concerto (with or without accompaniment; cadenza optional)


  • two solos of your choice, from repertoire c1740–1800


  • a movement of solo Bach
  • a movement of a sonata or concerto by Boccherini, CPE or JCF Bach, or similar


  • the bass [“violone”] solo from Trios of the Menuets in Haydn Symphony 6, 7 or 8
  • a  movement of a Viennese double bass concerto (e.g. Dittersdorf, Vanhal, Hofmeister, Sperger) – it can be played in Viennese or orchestral tuning


  • an 18th-century baroque or early classical solo of your choice
  • 2 examples of continuo playing , at least one of which is later baroque or early classical. Chamber or solo accompaniments are preferred, as it’s easier to hear the harpsichord.


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