Program Overview: Professional Development


Professional Development

Each year at TBSI we welcome professional musicians from around the world to an intensive two-week programme in baroque immersion. This includes members of symphony orchestras who wish to explore baroque repertoire on a baroque instrument for the first time, as well as experienced players and singers who wish to expand their knowledge of the repertoire and historically-informed performance practices.

For those who are new to period instruments, we are able to provide the loan of instruments and/or bows as needed, and offer a congenial environment in which any initial shock or embarrassment is quickly dispelled! It is a unique opportunity to delve into period playing at a very advanced level.

We are often able to provide letters of support for those seeking funding through professional development grants, including those grants whose deadlines precede TBSI application deadlines.

Questions about the Institute can be directed to or (416) 964-9562 ext. 241