b'WELCOME SOUND BITES Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue of Tafel, ourMusik in Motion This spring we launched Musik in Motion, a free series of collaborative videos featuring local artists of diverse art forms. Painter Darby magazine for the musically curious. The world, and ourMilbrath, cellist Keiran Campbell, and digital sculptor Alex McLeod2020/21 season, have definitely changed since theare a few of the talented artists who have interpreted music thatis an essential part of Tafelmusiks signature repertoire. This periodCOVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, but we remainof restriction has been an opportunity to reach beyond our own committed to sharing joy and comfort with you throughpractice and support the larger creative community. Subscribe toour music and ongoing conversations. our YouTube channel to be the first to view new videos in the series.Tafelmusik MediaTafelmusiks landmark recording of the works of the brilliant 18th-century Black composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-In this issue, we look ahead to the beginnings of a post-COVID world.re-release: The MusicGeorges, will be reissued this month with new artwork and a new Will we see a swing towards opulent, baroque-inspired fashion?of Joseph Bologne title that reframes and contextualizes the album to properly centre How can we do better at highlighting the historical significance ofthe achievements of the composer. We are thrilled to work with composers of colour? And, meanwhile, can magic help conjureconductor and Saint-Georges specialist Marlon Daniel as consultant musical enchantment, something we all need in our lives right now?on this re-release. Read our Q&A with him on pages 57.We hope you are inspired by the questions and talented artists weve brought together for this issue, and that you will consider joining usTafelmusik BaroqueThe Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute is a world-renowned as we continue our exploration of baroque and beyond in 2021/22. baroque music training program for advanced studentsSummer Institute and professional musicians in instrumental and vocal baroque Elisa CitterioCarol Kehoe performance practice. Last years first-ever virtual instituteMusic DirectorExecutive Director welcomed more than 80 talented applicants from around the world for daily master classes, workshops, and lectures. This year were offering the unique experience of learning amongst professional musicians as an auditor for just $195. More information can befound at tafelmusik.org/tbsi-auditor.Tafelmusik We are pleased to be part of this years Dream in High Park by Canadian Stage. Three chamber groups of Tafelmusik musicians in High Park will perform at 8pm on July 8, 9, and 10. Visit canadianstage.com to check ticket availability and review health and safety guidelines.Opus 7 by Gordon ShadrachOil, 2021Gordon Shadrach has had a lifelong fascination with the semiotics of clothingand its impact on culture. In particular, his interest lies in the intersection and codification of race and fashion. These codes impact the way we navigate through spaces and influence how people associate with one another. Shadrachs portraits of Black men utilize fashioncontemporary or historical dressto create narratives that pull viewers in to explore the biases embedded in North American culture. Shadrach seeks to disrupt the colonial constrictions of portraiture by inviting viewers to reflect upon the depiction of Black people in art and culture. Shadrach isFor the latest information and updates,a graduate of OCAD U. subscribe to our email newsletter at tafelmusik.org.1'